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I'm a Quaker, but I don't eat oats

2003-04-12 - 11:13 a.m.


"Take this quiz and find out what kind of Religious Cosmo Girl you are!

1. Are you the kind of gal who doesn�t know the difference between a choir robe and a pashmina?

2. Which describes you most closely: A) a Punk Rockin� Pentecostal who wears white pumps BEFORE Easter, or B) a Christian Cutie who plays by the rule-ies?

3. Which would you choose: Hell in a handbasket, or heaven in a cute little hat?"

Ok, now for real, here is a �Belief-o-Matic� quiz about religion that will help you nail down your beliefs-- just in case, like me, you can't seem to stop them from spinning all in circles and then floating away. If you�ve got 10 minutes to sit down and find out where you stand on how you got here, what you�re supposed to do while you�re here, and where you�re going to go when you�re not here anymore, you really ought to fill in the dots. It�s quite illuminating.

Interestingly, the Belief-o-Matic told me that--despite my having been raised as a Lutheran, and my belief of the last few years that I am really an agnostic--I AM ACTUALLY A UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST, WITH A TOUCH OF LIBERAL QUAKER THROWN IN FOR GOOD MEASURE. You�ll have to write and tell me what it tells you.

After I read the results, I was suddenly thrilled and relieved to know that there�s a group I can belong to, that I can become socially acceptable again and start going to church again--I mean, it's not a Lutheran one, I'm sure my family would say, but at least it's a church at ALL.
But, alas, there are no Unitarian churches in The G Spot�s yellow pages, let alone any Universalist ones. Wouldn�t you know. And you can forget there being any local gathering of the Liberal Quakers.

Bummer. But I guess that just means I can continue sleeping in on Sunday mornings and going to hell in a handbasket.

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